Clacton 7's Clacton Womens Football Tournament- IMPORTANT NOTICE

Dear All,

Seawick Holiday Park have declined to accept our booking for reasons best known to themselves. There is no good reason and we can only assume that after 16 years of being good customers we are no longer wanted. So much for loyalty and good customer relations. We have tried without luck to find another accommodation site so unless Seawick relent the event will die. So it is up to you to maybe seek a reason or lobby for reconsideration.

I am so sorry to have to bring this very sad news about an event that has lasted for 37 years and brought nothing but happiness and fun to thousands of women both in the UK and abroad.

Maybe your comments etc will bring a turn around but at present they just say no.

Very best wishes,


Clacton 7's has been the longest running women' s football tournament in the UK and Clacton-on-Sea has for the last 30 years, played host to women's football events. Year after year Clubs return to the Tendring District for the football and the fun.